4 Things to Know About Red Wine as a Newbie

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If you are getting into the art of wine, there are a few things that you should know that will help to guide your journey and find the right wine for you.

#1: Wine Really is An Acquired Taste

Drinking wine is an acquired taste. As you drink more, you will begin to pick up on the differences between the wines you drink. You will start to notice things such as the wine's bitterness, the consistency of the liquid, and the unique flavor profiles of each drink. Your tastes will change over time as you enjoy more wine and get more use to the unique flavor profile of red wine.

#2: Get the Right Glasses

If you want to enjoy wine, you need the right glasses to drink from. With wine, the glass does matter. Wine glasses are designed to allow the drink to breathe and to enhance the taste. You don't have to spend a lot of money buying some stemware. You can find decent sets of stemware in the housing section of your local department store. Look for glasses that have thick rims and medium-sized bowls; this will enhance your drinking experience.

#3: Store Your Wine Right

With red wine, you don't need a cellar to store your bottles. However, you want to be careful about where you store your wine. Don't put your red wine on top of your fridge; that is one of the worst places to store your bottles because the heat and vibration from the refrigerator can be damaging. Instead, purchase a small wine rack, and place it somewhere where the rack will not get hit directly with sunlight. For example, you could put the rack inside a cupboard, under a table, or in a closet—somewhere that is dark and cool most of the time.

#4: Try a Variety of Wine

One of the best things you can do is try a wide variety of wines. Trying a wide variety of different options will help you learn to appreciate the different types of wines out there. A great way to do this is to sign up for an online wine club that will send you a variety of different wines each month. This can be a great and affordable way to try out good wines that someone hand-selected for you.

If you are interested in wine, buy yourself some nice stemware and a small wine rack, and sign up for a wine club. Keep a notebook, and write down how each wine tastes and feels, and rate each wine. Use the notebook to track your preferences and experience with the wine you get delivered to your home. Use this information when you're ready to order wine online.